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Wayne NJ Custom Closet Walk-in Designer

Closets often become dumping grounds for extra items around the house that we need to store.  If this is the case for you, it could be time to consider organizing those closets.  Any organization project you undertake can be time-consuming, so to maximize efficiency, before you begin, carefully consider what you want to accomplish and how you are going to make it happen.  Think about what you want in each closet and how best to utilize the storage space.  Here are some steps to follow when organizing your closet.

Start With a Clean Slate

The first step in organizing a walk-in closet is to remove everything from the closet and start with an empty space.  Have a staging area where you can set everything you take out.  Make sure it’s an area where you can clearly see everything you have, as this will make the organizing process easier.  Take your time to make sure everything is removed and the closet is completely empty.

Take Inventory

Begin sorting your clothing and accessories into categories.  Use boxes or plastic storage containers to make sorting easier.  During this process, it is suggested that you start with keep, toss, and donate piles and then begin putting items into specific categories after getting rid of everything that won’t be going back in your walk-in closet.  Professional closet designers, who help clients in Wayne, recommend sorting first into broad categories, and then into subcategories.  Don’t skip this step as it is essential for a fantastic finished product.


Now is the time to really sort through the items left over and purge what you no longer use or wear.  Consider parting with something you haven’t worn in over a year.  Multiples of the same item might also need to go to create space. If you still have more items than will fit in your closet after the decluttering step, then it might be time to consider looking into a custom closet for your Wayne home that is designed to fit your particular wardrobe and accessories.


After doing all the hard work of taking inventory and decluttering your closet, take the time to deep clean the empty space.  Steam the floors, dust the racks, and repaint any scuff marks.  Make the space look clean and new before you begin putting items back in.  If you don’t quite like the design of your closet and feel there is a lot of wasted space, consult a closet designer who works with homeowners in Wayne to get input about how you could best utilize every square inch of storage space.  A professional designer can also design a custom closet storage system in to fit your area perfectly.


The hard work is done!  Now it’s time to place everything back into the closet in an organized fashion.  Stand back and admire your hard work!  Your closet space is now functional and organized.  Consult a closet specialist in Wayne if at any point during this process you realize your closet organization isn’t working and you need something new.

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